What’s shiny and blue?

After an epoch of hunting (not as in, the sort with rifles) I have found IT.  Whether too short of sleeve, too baggy of trunk, too garish, too pale, too delicate, too chunky, too holey – I’ve not had much luck. Until a coupla’ days ago, when I finally hit the jackpot.
Found it.

All on its lonesome. Looking forlorn and just crying for me to reach out and…fondle. Thus it was snatched from the rail in one fell swoop, then admired for a mere nanosecond before I scurried over to the lovely lady at the till (in a manner somewhat like a 6 year old scoffing an ice cream before a pesky sibling/parent/seagull should dare to take a precious lick). I was too eager for it to be MINE to be fussed about trying it on. Well, now looking back at the photographs, you will most likely be left to wonder just what the hell all the fuss was over. Perhaps I’m beginning to wonder, too.
…Nah. The love that was born in the shop that fateful afternoon shan’t be thwarted so easily. Just you wait for the wedding day.

Ah yes, that infamous date that any British GCSE student has been dreading for the best part of 3 months. Little as it has to do with the subject of my blog, I am just so unbelievably chuffed I felt the urge to share it with the world: I GOT TEN A*s (A+)…! It was a relief to see all of that hard work -that I’ve many a time ranted about on here – printed on that holy sheet of paper. And now to breathe out…

Showers with Winnie the Pooh…

I realise it has been over a month quite some time since I last blogged. There’s been good reason for it, though – I have just endured possibly the toughest two weeks yet. But as I’ve reached the over half-way mark, the pressure’s easing somewhat: 7 exams down, 5 more to go. (WOOP.) And now onto that riveting (insipid) subject that somehow worms it’s banal way into every conversation: THE WEATHER. Britain has seen highs of 30 degrees this week, so you’d think it the perfect time for the Olympic torch to be passing through. But oh no. I was stood beneath a flimsy umbrella, draped in a plasticky-pink cagoule in the pouring rain for 50 minutes, waiting for but a few seconds glimpse of the somewhat anticlimactic embers. Boo hoo.
Here’s a snap taken before the rain began:

Aha! And please don’t forget to drop by my Facebook page (the ‘likes’ have not yet reached double figures): http://www.facebook.com/styleinfirstgear

TTFN (for those of you who have grown up with Winnie the Pooh)

Get me a biscuit.


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Excuse the hideously lengthy period between this post and my last. Just hit the boundary of exam season and am study-running at full pelt. Being the innately bookish type that I am, I don’t mind a bit of revision. But when it begins to consume my life, eating into the already sparse free time I do have…I begin to resent it. When I’m supposed to be learning the components of a nuclear fission reactor, evaluating the use of evocative scene-setting in ‘Of Mice and Men’, distinguishing between an appoggiatura and an acciacatura (musical peeps’ll know what I’m on about) or calculating the area of a blasted frustrum, and all I can think about is ‘GET ME A BISCUIT’ or ‘I want to watch 24′ or ‘My eyeliner needs re-touching’. Perhaps studying isn’t so great after all.
It ain’t fun, but it hasta be done.

Right, and on with the show…Featuring Suede Dress, Asymmetric Skirt, and Lace Jacket. Special guest: ONE SUPER AWESOME BAG.

My wonderful Farmor (Danish Grandma) made this bag for me by hand! It must have taken an age (THANK YOU FARMOR)…The result is so worth it. I can sense a new deep-seated attachment forming…

Culotted Cream


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No, I’ve not misspelled ‘clotted’. I’ve decided to title this post with another of my excellent puns. HAHA.

I’ve not much time today, as I’m off on holiday on the ‘morrow and need to finish packing…That’s probably the worst part of a holiday. Aside from unpacking…

Here’s an outfit I jammed together this evening, with my new favourite item: culottes. They deceived me in the shop, as I mistook them for a skirt. Crafty little blighters…

It was far too chilly to wear them alone, so I stuck my spotty tights on beneath.

…And hey presto..! (…I’ve used far too many ellipses, have I not…?)


And that’ll be it for tonight. I’m off to check I’ve packed the right amount of underwear…

Dreamboats and Petticoats…


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‘Oh dear…’ was the perfunctory comment of a certain family member upon seeing my outfit this morning. GREAT start to the day. They know precisely how to boost someone’s confidence.
Despite that, I’m going to go ahead and shove it in this blog post. Hopefully it won’t incite the same reaction in you.
Fingers crossed.
Well, at the very least, it’s an outfit that I am personally comfortable in, which I suppose is of most importance…


I’m often asked about how I do my makeup. I think it’s due to the trademark ‘flicks’ of mine. My trick, if you want it right first time, is to create your line with a pencil liner, then go over that with liquid.
Another makeup rut of mine is coral red lips. I use Dr. Hauschka, as it’s 100% chemical free, but I’m sure there are loads of others out there that give equally great colour.

And here are a few close ups of my outfit components:

Leather sniffing



I usually become mildly infatuated (for some time) about any new purchase of mine. This month, the major obssession is my new leather back pack. I think I could just about fit the contents of my entire house inside it, it’s so damn huge. But still, I love it nonetheless. AND IT SMELLS DIVINE. Is it possible to develop a leather sniffing addiction…? I’ve even been receiving comments on it at school – a girl walking behind me in the corridor shouted ‘Your bag smells nice!’. Bet you don’t hear that everyday. Nuh-uh. Normally such an item would be outa’ my price range (£180/$285) but this time…I just went for it. ‘It’ll last you twenty years,’ says dad. Not often that I am actively encouraged to spend money. And by a parent, no less!

Here’s the website from which I bought it, just in case anyone’s interested:

Anyone for a spot of basketball?

 MY FINGER. My poor, poor finger… During a viscous game of basketball, I managed to injure the ring finger of my right hand. Which is really rather rubbish, considering I’m right handed. A damn hefty basketball launched itself into it, bending it right back. Like a flexy ruler. Or stiff jelly. (Shudder). And guess what? Guess bloody well what?! The girl whose worst injuries amount to a wasp sting and a bruised shin (thanks to a hockey ball) has gone and injured a vital component of her music performance exam, which happens to be in 2 WEEKS TIME. That’s one GCSE to really be concerned about…WHAT MA’ GONE DO?! Huh?
…I pray to the holy beings of heaven that it’s just sore, and not fractured. It’s currently bandaged to my little finger, so I can’t feel it much…How the hell am I s’posed to write with this darn thang? Eh? Writing’s ma life. I ain’t gone lie… I’ll quit these southern-American-accented outbursts. For now.
ANYWAY… Enough of the finger, here’s my evening outfit of yesterday:

AND ONE QUICK THING: I’ve been reading this blog. It isn’t a fashion blog, but the girl who writes it is super cool, and chuffs out some great stuff: www.grassandotherthings.blogspot.com

Please do have a read!

My twin blog…

Hey y’all! No photo today!

‘No photo today?!’ I hear you weep.

No, sorry, just a quick news bulletin:

I’ve decided to establish a ‘twin blog’ on another well known blog site. (If you take a look at my first post on the other, it’ll explain it all). This by no means means (wow, two of the same words in succession sounds rather odd indeed) that I’m leaving WordPress. Oh no! I’ve become far too attached for it, for that. It’s just for any blogspotters. So if you’re currently reading this, it probably doesn’t concern you, anyway. Forget I ever wrote this…

Forget you ever read it…

Actually, no, stop. Don’t! If you happen to know of any blogspotters who’d be interested…pass it on for me? x



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